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Santiago, from the mountain range to the Pacific Ocean

Capital of Chile located in the Central Valley, framed by the majestic Mountain range of the Andes. Important metropolis where the French classic baroque and the Spanish colonial architecture are combined with modern high buildings. The beautiful and extensive valleys that surround the city give rise to famous Chilean wines, in addition to a pleasant Mediterranean climate, between summits of the mountain range with their winter centers and the privileged coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Elegant hotels are located only a few steps away of the main commercial avenues and for a more varied selection of articles, the modern metropolitan subway covers in few minutes the distance to Providence or Las Condes, areas of important commercial centers, exclusive boutiques, ample pedestrian strolls and restaurants offering a varied gastronomy and excellent wines of tradition.


Santiago enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and little rain during the months of winter. Fall (March - May 20C), winter (Jun -Aug 14C), spring (Sep - Nov 22C), summer (Dec - Feb 30C).

All the international flights land in the Commodore Arturo Merino Benítez airport, of the city of Santiago, located 25 km, only 35 minutes, away from downtown. Viña del Mar, Valparaiso, 120 km land trip in Highway 68, approx 1h: 45 min.
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